How Dare You

How Dare You

How Dare You

How dare you not trust me.

How dare you to screw me.

I worked. I pushed.

I hoped. I yearned.

I bled. I sacrificed.

How dare you ruin everything.

Everything I endured is now for nothing.

You wasted my time. You wasted my energy.

You wasted my stress. You wasted my agony.

Yet at the end of it all, I'm the one who is blamed.

The friends I made? Gone.

The promises day after day? Gone.

The Blossom along the way? Gone.

All because I'm the goat you scaped.

I'm the root of it all, there's no escape.

I screamed. I stomped my feet.

I yelled. I never retreat.

I was a half-dead man trying to fight.

The screams gave me all of my might.

This was a warcry of a warrior, not a savage.

Yet somehow I did all the damage.

How dare you tell them what was meant for your ears only.

A half-dead man full of lost of fury.

Fully alive, I am not lost.

A conscious man, full of thought.

Yet, my words are there, never undone.

Once again, I am the only one.

Alone again, back to the beginning.

I am the last remaining.

How dare you.

How dare you.

How. Fucking. Dare. You.
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One - Intoner of Logic

“We’ve both been rejected by the world. We both feel the same threat. And yet, here we are, fated to kill each other in the end.” – One (Drakengard 3, Branch C)

There is a lot to say about One. Her motives, her actions, her emotions, and even her deep contrast to Zero. Of all sisters, One puzzles Zero the most. She feels no relation to her in any way, shape, or form. Yet, One is the most accomplished of all of her sisters.

Her relationship to Zero runs deep. Even on first sight, One has hated Zero with deep and overwhelming passion. She is the first to bear arms against her, and is the first to protect her sisters. She even calls it her destiny to kill Zero, and save the world from her. Which leads into another aspect of her: Her desire to end all the lords and protect the world. The goal she set out for herself and her sisters is to rid the world of all of the evil that oppressed the good people, and allow common man to live happily. One didn’t just want to kill Zero, she also wanted to make the world a better place. Yet, she had no idea as to why she felt this way.

“Why do we possess this power? To maintain the order of the world; I’d known this since I was a child. But how did I know it? Who taught that to me?” – One (Visitors)

As One started to question herself, she also began to doubt herself. Not just purpose, or her reasons for fighting, but also of her own existence. This is in deep contrast to her in the beginning. Not only did she have high ambitions, but she also rallied her sisters with no issues. Her emotions were strong, and she wasn’t afraid to show them. It’s how she ended up saving her sisters. Even further, it’s how she ended up befriending Gabriella, a dragon who became a pivotal person in One’s life.

In Intoner Five, One first met Gabriella in the Land of Seas by chance, and the dragon was intrigued by her power, as it was similar to a “monster” she also seen. One immediately realized who she was talking about, and her emotions ran high, declaring that Zero a traitor, and that it’s her destiny to end her. Gabriella immediately detected her power is nowhere near close to Zero’s, and declared she was no match for her. Yet, this only drives One to become stronger. Her desire to protect the world, and to destroy the monster that is set on destroying the world is ultimately what leads to Gabriella decision to follow One into the depths of hell.

“You think we dragons get all worked up because of what some GIRL asks us to do? I’ll decide whether it’s a burden or not, got it? And I’ll also decide how long I hang around with you guys. I’m the boss of my own fate. Always have been, always will be.” – Gabriella (Drakengard 3, One’s Prologue)

Through their time spent together, and countless battles fought together, Gabriella became One’s true friend. Gabriella sacrificed her life, twice, to give One the power to trump her foes, and each time she has done that, One strives to keep Gabriella alive and by her side, going as far as forging the first ever pact with her.

Ironically, Gabriella has always represented One’s humanity. Throughout their adventures, One has always felt guilt for what she constantly places her friend through, despite Gabriella demanding she stops with such feelings. Ultimately, it is One’s qualities as a human, not as an Intoner, which formed a bond that is as strong as Zero and Michael’s/Mikhail’s. It also can’t be ignored how similar Gabriella and Michael’s fates are, as both sacrificed themselves for their Intoners, in order for one to prevail against the other. It also can’t be ignored that neither Intoner wanted their respective friend to leave them through death. They would gladly die first. Just as Zero gained night terrors of Michael’s death after the fact, One also lost her happiness when Gabriella became a Daemon Dragon and lost her soul.

One has two abnormalities about her. First is her heightened senses. Hearing, seeing, smelling, touching, and tasting. These five senses continuously grows as time passes by. This always her to have extreme awareness of her surroundings, and also have given her the ability to be the best cook of all her sisters despite not enjoying it as much as Two does, but it also penalizes her with the taste of regular food being too intense for her, the attraction of even the slightest trace of a horrible smell, the discomfort of feeling every aspect of her cloths touching her body, and the induced-headaches from the cheering of her people. Yet, she found methods to cope with this. Her second abnormality is her stunted growth. She is unable to grow into an adult due to her pact with Gabriella, linking their lives together. Therefore, while her sisters have grown into adults, One cannot age past the body of a sixteen-year-old.

“But all of us Intoners have one bodily aspect which develops excessively compared to the rest, as a side-effect of our strength. Perhaps it’s silly to expect that those as powerful as ourselves could hope to otherwise live normally.” – One (Visitors)

It is through this that One found solace in the library, being a naturally quiet area. It is here where she started her long journey to find out the meaning of their existence, and why she was destined to fight Zero. It isn’t recorded when One began to doubt herself, but it could only be shortly after she and her sisters rid of all the evil lords. Before this, she was fully convinced to saving the world and defeating Zero, but once all the remained in front of her was Zero, she had time to question why she had to fight her sister, and if it was truly destiny.

For the time being, she could not find an answer. All she knew back then was in order to survive, she had to defeat Zero, and protect her sisters, through any means. This lead to the creation of Brother One.

“Every Intoner needs a disciple by her side. They boost the power of an Intoner’s song, and also quell the desires within them. Desires for sex… For honor… For cruelty… For romance… We all lust after different things. But what exactly did I desire? I couldn’t be sure.” – One (Drakengard 3, One’s Prologue)

One realized she needed a disciple, but made no offer to anyone, only out of not wanting to feel guilt for making someone a slave. Therefore, she created Brother to act as her disciple, knowing that since Brother is herself, she knew she would be forgiven.

One and Brother One have a strange relationship. While One is technically Brother’s mother, she demands to be called Sister instead. Through this, a sibling-like bond is formed between the two, and things take a course that One did not predict.

Brother was given two objectives. First, is to act as her disciple and relieve pressure off of Gabriella. Secondly, to be the one to end Zero, should One be killed by Zero. Brother was created while the world was still held down by the oppressive powers, so One did not question her desire to end Zero during this time. However, she did question her desires.

Loneliness is what governed One to created Brother, and it is through that she had the perfect disciple. For everything One lacked, Brother filled the hole through his obedience, naiveté, and undying love. While One only wanted Brother as a way to boost her power, her humanity and soft heart causes her to become much closer to Brother than she anticipated. There was a point where Brother brought up sex, but One refused to engage in that conversation with him, because it was horribly disgusting to perform incest. Yet, it is a fact that out of all carnal desires, sexual climax is one that Intoners desire the most and absolutely need in order to keep their powers in check. As Brother is the only person One trusted, it was inevitable.

“I know that expression. I’d seen it before. It was the same face she made whenever she was in bed with me. I never understood why she looked so pained while what we were doing made me feel so good. When I asked, she told me it was because it was wrong. That siblings shouldn’t be doing what we were together. But that even knowing that, she couldn’t stop herself. Her voice was so sad. I didn’t understand. If it’s wrong for siblings to do it together, then does that mean it’s okay for strangers to? That seems much wronger to me.” – Brother One (Mirror Mirror)

If there is one thing Brother represented, it is One’s desires. To fill that emptiness in her heart, One needed someone who could understand and coax those desires. No one in the world except Brother would be willing to do so. While Gabriella is definitely part of One’s happiness, she could never give what One desired, while Brother could.

A point is made that One’s sisters all gained disciples during this time, and it was obvious from this point on that they were separated to liberate and govern each land, with One left at Cathedral City. It is at this point that One began to feel lonely, and likely wanted a similar partnership that her sisters had. Or rather, she could not cope without her sisters nearby. Similar to Two, One loves her sisters dearly, and holds no ill intent for any of them. While this does allow her to be the best leader between the five of them, this also causes One to be the most vulnerable when they are lost.

Brother as a whole is entirely dependent on One. While Brother is capable of taking care of himself, he has no desire to. He is wholly loyal to One, in both body and spirit, and this doesn’t change until One is lost forever.

"Who is right? Is it you, One? Is it Two… Four… Five? Or… could it actually be Zero?" – Three (Visitors)

Rivals are known to push each other. It is why even among friends, people tend to compete instead of cooperate. It is through this sense of adrenaline that people can push past their former limits and reach a higher level they never predicted. For One, this is her relationship with Zero in a nutshell.

Throughout her childhood, she has always feared Zero. She has always feared the day when Zero would rise up and kill her sisters, and then end her life. Initially, she took this as a sign of destiny; a time to prove their right to live. If she could defeat Zero, then she could defeat anyone, and she could save the world from tyranny. But Zero was so, so, so much more powerful than she was.

So she trained. She begged for more power. She prayed to become stronger in order to defeat her lifelong nemesis, and prayed that she could protect all she cared dearly for, as Zero would show no mercy. This villain, this devil, is out to destroy her world, and would lay waste to everything. Five was too ignorant, Four was too immature, Three was too listless, and Two was too carefree. The one who ever showed fear of the coming day, yet was also the only one who could garner the power to rival Zero, is One.

Yet then came the question: Why? Why did she need to kill Zero? Better yet, why did Zero wanted to kill her sisters?

“No one was strong enough to dedicate themselves to a cause they knew was mistaken. They had to justify it somehow first. My search for an answer had been an attempt to justify my reason for fighting my sister today. Did that mean I doubted myself, my decisions?” – One (Visitors)

If you played the game, or even read the previous blog entries, you would know that the real reason why Zero needs to kill the Intoners is to save the world. The flower blooms in all Intoners, and it is an eventual and inevitable time when all Intoners must submit to the will of the flower. The only way to avoid that is through death.

Yet, Zero would happily play the antagonist towards One to facilitate this method, instead of telling her the truth. For the longest time, up until the very end, One held the belief that Zero simply wanted to take the Intoners’ powers for herself and destroy the world with it, when in fact Zero’s intention is to rid the world of Intoners, herself included. This vital piece of info would turn One’s world upside down, yet Zero never revealed it.

Why? Because she never trusted her with it. One is, ultimately, an agent of The Flower, and Zero knew she’s been playing the fool the entire time. There was no need to complicate matters by trying to explain her true intentions. Yet, as One questioned herself, she also desired answers. This is why she began searching for them, and that is when she realized the true nature of Power of Song.

“My sisters are dead—killed by Zero, the betrayer. And yet, I do not feel the fault is hers alone. My sisters were tossed and twisted by the power of their songs, and now the world once again spins toward its own destruction. ...Where did I go wrong? ...Were my motives not pure? It matters not. Zero is coming for me, and it seems my punishment will be to die with such doubts in my mind.” – One (Seven Words)

It is only in one branch, that One never finds out the truth behind Zero’s motives. In all others however, she calls her out on it. After thorough searching, learning, and contemplating, she realized her power is evil. That in reality, she is no better than her lifelong enemy. In order for the world to be brought on the path to peace, she, her sisters, and Zero had to die.

“Intoners only offer pestilence to this world. Someday, they will be a disease that brings ruin to all human life. That’s why you’re trying to kill us. To save the world.” – One (Drakengard 3, Branch C)

One realized it was inevitable. It was inevitable that her sisters would die to Zero, and it was inevitable that she would be the last one standing to fight Zero. In all except one branch, this is true, and it’s because Zero went through the method of fighting the dumbest Intoner first and saved the smartest for last. The difference in Branch B is Three and Two attempted to kill One themselves, both of which were taken over by the flower’s power, and One figuring this out and resisting it had to be killed off. While Three failed, Two succeeded.

“You're...not...the only one...who's ready to sacrifice...everything...” – One (Drakengard 3, Branch A)

This question of why Intoners exist, and why they’re a cursed plague on the world weighed heavily on One’s mind. However, it finally allowed her to understand Zero, and in turn, it allowed her to mature past her childish call of destiny. Yet, she could not accept this answer. She could not accept Zero being the selfless hero, and herself being the selfish villain. She could not accept that fate turned against her, and she could not accept that Zero never trusted her.

“If you think you’re the only one suffering here, you’re out of your goddamn mind! Two, Three, Four, Five... You gave life to each and every one of them… Then you went and killed them all! What did you expect? Cursing the world… Then saving the world… You thought you could do everything by yourself? Well, THIS IS WHAT YOU FUCKING GET!” – One (Drakengard 3, Branch C)

There is a reason why Zero could not find any similarities to One, and why she finds her to be a complete opposite. It’s because up until this point, One has been living Zero’s life from start to finish. She is not a representation of Zero’s repressed emotion, she is a representation of Zero herself.

“Only a handful of kids were lucky enough to have warm food and a bed. Unless you were born into some fancy noble household, you could kiss any hope of a life like that goodbye. You wondered why the hell you were born, grew up knowing you were a thorn in the world's side, turned into a shitty adult, and then unwittingly wound up with a bun in the oven.” – Zero (A Rain to End and a Flower to Begin)

“But you wanna know the best part? After a while, my sister started fighting for “peace”. They come from a flower that’s gonna end the world, and they fight for PEACE? …Hilarious.” – Zero (Drakengard 3, Branch D)

From the days of wondering why her life was so dark and dim, to the day when she decided to save the world from a curse she hypocritically unleashed, Zero and One are the same. In the end, both wanted to save the world, and both realized in order to do that, they had to end the line of Intoners, and themselves.

Despite understanding this, Zero refused to entrust this task to One. At the same time, One refused to forgive Zero for cursing their lives since the very beginning. All of One’s will, her struggles, her dreams, and defiance were crushed by her inevitable fate, and acceptance that in the end, her life was not hers to decide. So she fought for the only thing she could; vengeance for the death of her sisters. Deep down, both One and Zero wanted to defy their own fates. For Zero, it was ridding of the flower and submitting to her own death. For One, it's to be accepted by Zero, and for her to understand that One knows what she's going through.

But in the end, not even that could be gained. Zero prevailed over One, and she is the one to control her fate.

The Disciples

“A disciple doesn’t choose his Intoner. An Intoner chooses her disciple.” – Three (Drakengard 3, Chapter 3)

Before I move on to the finale, it’s actually quite imperative to understand how Disciples work and why they are so important to Intoners. As stated in previous entries, Intoners constantly struggle to keep their powers in check. Disciples are there to faithfully serve Intoners through all things. They borrow their song’s power to summon, so Intoners cannot be overwhelmed by it. Even further, they have sex with their Intoner to curb their lust and sexual desire, which also comes from The Song’s Power (keep in mind the Song comes the The Flower). While Intoners don’t need a disciple, it is very helpful to have one.

Outside of these necessities however, the rest is all just flavor. Really, any person can become a disciple, as long as they have the capacity to be faithful to the Intoner. It is a strange coincidence however, that the disciples that the Intoners have chosen are also the ones that Zero used to curb her sisters’ powers.

Yes, the disciples are literally birds.

Zero used her power of song to create birds, and they all had the ability to drain away the power of The Flower that were enhanced inside her sisters. Through this, she had delayed the end of the world, and with Michael’s help, she destroyed the black flower that was in the Mercurius Gate. Over time, the power of the flower enhanced these birds, and turn them into the disciples that one would see in the game. Due to the flower’s power, the disciples and Intoners were naturally drawn to each other. And they have to be, because without an Intoner’s power to feed off of, they would eventually revert to their bird forms and lose their humanity.

It is due to this that I have decided to create an entry making a short analysis on each disciple. Starting from the top.

Dito – Disciple of Five
“Another morning... I think wearily to myself. I wish the sun had never risen. Then I wouldn’t have to go through another exasperating day... but no. If the sun had never rose, it would still be night. Nights are worse.... because at nights, I have to...” – Dito (This Repulsive World)

Despite popular belief, Dito is not the worst disciple ever in existence. Fact is, he was brainwashed by Five to act as his perfect toy. You would never know this in the game (because for some reason he never brings up the word “brainwashed”), but it’s clear as day in his own novella. Throughout the entire novella, Dito silently curses Five for making him her puppet, and if he could say what he truly wanted to say, she would hate him.

“An Intoner’s libido is stronger than a normal human’s. But you’re even more different. No matter how many positions you try or how many hours you spend doing it, it will never feel good for you. Do you think sleeping with lots of people will fix that? You’re not satisfied with your dresses because none of them suit you. Do you think new ones will change that? You know that no one would serve you if you didn’t brainwash them. Do you think you’ll ever find someone who honestly loves you?” – Dito (This Repulsive World)

Yet through all of that repulsion and disgust Dito has of Five, he can’t bring himself to hate her. He can certainly loathe her, but deep down there’s a sort of pity for her. He doesn’t understand it himself, but it is likely because he understands her so well that he can’t help but feel sympathy that she’ll never find true love or true happiness, which is why she goes as far as paint her own picture through brainwashing and complete ignorance of the reality around her. Of course, this doesn’t stop Dito from killing Five and mutilating her corpse when Zero broke the spell.

That said, Dito is quick to return to Five when she becomes a walking corpse, completely controlled by the Flower’s Power. With endless violence, endless undead, and a deformed Five to serve, this was when Dito was truly happy. It is unknown how Dito got his insane fetish for gore. It could have developed before he met Five, or it could have developed during it. There simply isn’t enough evidence to draw a conclusion, but I would bank on him having that fetish all along.

And I’ll explain why with the next disciple.

Decadus – Disciple of Four
“I don’t require the feel of her heels or nails. Between Lady Four and I, there is no need for physical contact. Lady Four bestows upon me joyful pain enough without it. This is what she meant by being partners! We are truly connected, heart-to-heart!” Decadus – (Everything is For You)

Decadus is the worst disciple.

Decadus is a major factor as to why Four felt so alone. Upon their first meeting, Decadus could not help but twist every word Four made into a sign of torture or pain. This means Decadus came to Four with his fetish already developed. As to why he never stopped thinking about his extreme masochism… well, that is anyone’s guess. Suddenly one understands why Decadus so willingly placed himself between Four and Zero.

Despite this, Decadus enjoys being a true gentlemen. Along with that, he enjoys being a doormat. Pain, neglect, suffering, sadness, you name the negative emotion, he most likely gets off on it. However, one thing he could never take is disgust. Undead soldiers, Three’s experiments, and people suffering are things he hate and will try his hardest to rectify.

There is a sort of mechanism in him that allows him to ignore his own suffering, but in wake of that he is unable to detect the suffering of others. Not without it being spelled out for him. Even when Four wanted to be held as she had “pleasant” dreams of Zero, he saw this as an act of torture for him.

“Um... I guess... Oh, hey! Decadus! ...Actually, I don't have much to say about him. It's not like I actually always wanted him to come into my bed at night, or that I actually was really interested in sexual talk, or that I wanted him to act more forward and take charge or anything. He could have tried to be normal... In fact, I could sum up everything I want to tell him like this: "YOU ARE AN ASSHOLE!"” – Four (Let Me Tell You)

So yeah, Decadus is an asshole.


“But back to the books. How about this one? It appears to be on health. No… beauty techniques. It seems it is geared toward women. Let’s see, now… it reads, how to become beautiful through pleasure? Well now, this is a subject right up my alley.” – Octa (The Joy Of…)

Octa is a very bizzare-looking character. Between his old age, short size, ridiculously large shoes, and his gargantuan erection, it’s a surprise he’s actually human. Even further, it’s a surprise that for a time, Three liked him. However, it can be proposed that because Octa looks so weird, that Three easily accepted him.

Despite his looks though, he’s actually very wise. He comes to understand The Flower well before any other disciple, and he, much like Three, has a curious mind. That said, his curiosity is overwhelmed by his sex drive that is even greater than an Intoner’s. So much so that Dito wondered if he and Octa could switch places.

Octa has the achievement of being the only disciple to openly betray Three for Zero, which is thwarted swiftly by Three when she brainwashed him (similarly to how Five brainwashed Dito). Octa realized something just wasn’t right with Three (and Three stopped allowing him to screw her), and this is in direct contrast to Decadus.

“Lady Zero does a good job of hiding it, but something is rotten about that flower of hers…” – Octa (Drakengard 3, Branch D)

In an ironic fashion, Octa is the brightest of the group. It’s unfortunate (yet hilarious) that his libido often gets in the way.


“Trivia Time!” – Cent (Drakengard 3)

In terms of dedication and loyalty, there is no disciple greater than Cent. Even when Two lost her soul to the flower, Cent stayed by her side in every branch except Branch B, where he suddenly forgot who Two was when they were separated. However, as soon as he found her, he remembered, and turned against Zero and his team, going as far as to kill Dito when he aimed to killed Two.

Make no mistake, the love Cent has for Two is very, very real. Even when taking the flower’s influence into account, Cent had no ulterior motive when he joined Two’s ranks. While Dito was forced, and Decadus was driven by his masochism, Cent’s love for Two is for who she is and nothing more. He will take every hit for her, every abusive string of words for, all so she could remain safe and keep her smile. Despite his composure, he is easily angered when Zero speaks ill of Two.

He does pay extremely close attention to her muscles though.

Despite that, Cent is the catalyst to Two’s downfall. While Two trusted Cent with all of her heart, and she certainly didn’t have a reason not to, it is Cent’s fault that Two ended up in a broken state. It was his idea to use Two’s song to enhance the soldiers to protect children, and it was his idea to travel the world with Two so they could take time away from her duties. Of course, this was never with ill intent. Fact is, despite his attempt to feign idiocy, he actually is an idiot. So much so, that everyone constantly calls him out on it (except Two, as she believes he’s mature and intelligent).

“I did it because I wanted to protect you. And in order to do that, they had to be healthier. Stronger. I strove to forge them into a mighty shield for you, my lady. It had nothing to do with kindness.” - Cent (Drakengard 3, Two's Prologue)
Cent is often worried that Two overexerts herself. Between playing with the children, and fighting the soldier’s battles, Two has always wanted to protect others and not let others protect her. Cent on the other hand, wanted to find a way to protect Two… but it couldn’t be with strength. Because Two was the strongest of them all. However, what Cent didn’t realize is he has always protected her. He protected her sanity, and her emotions. Through being the perfect man for Two, she could not be any happier. They’re a foolish couple, but they’re a couple whose bond transcends above every obstacle.

Throughout all of this, it is eventual that the Disciples return to birds, and in fact, Zero is capable of turning them into birds whenever she wants. However, she did not want to take their lives, as it is through her mistake that they grew lives in the first place. It was unknown to her that the Power of Song would enhance the birds so strongly that they would become human, and it felt awkward for her to end the lives they enjoyed. Fortunately, they all end up dying for her anyway.

Two - Intoner of Joy

“Things that are precious, and things that are not. Things that mustn’t break, and things that may. Tell me… who has the right to decide such things?” – Two (Drakengard 3: Two’s Prologue)

Honestly, there’s not much of a mystery to Two. She’s your happy-go-lucky girl whom is head-over-heels for her lover and guardian. She loves everyone, and everything, especially children and elderly. She loves to cook and make extravagant dishes, and even further, she genuinely cares for everyone around her, to the point that she would willingly throw herself into the fire to protect them, even her own soldiers.

She is the perfect symbol of a selfless ruler. Her abnormality is her ever growing strength, causing her muscles to tense more and more to the point where they get stronger, and causing her to have the ability to lift things easily ten times her size and more. She uses this strength to protect others.

She built an orphanage in the Land of Sands and lives in an underground shrine to protect it as per One’s orders. Out of everyone, she shares One’s vision of having a world without conflict the most, to the point where One and Two are the closest of sisters.

“Two will never flatter you or dole out empty compliments. Her praise comes from the heart. Everything about her does: she’s cheerful, eager, kind, and compassionate.” – Four (Family Portrait)

There’s no real rhyme or reason as to why she’s so cheerful. According to Zero, her first words to her when she sprouted from the flower was “Sister!” in a cheerful tone. From that, Two has always been a happy-go-lucky girl. She was literally born happy.

I suppose the question here is… why is she the only one that acts like this? What caused her to be one made of a positive-minded outlook while everyone else—Zero included—were so negative-minded? If you’ve been following my analysis from Zero to now, it’s no mystery that the sisters had a negative view of the world, and wanted to avoid suffering. Two on the other hand would willingly sacrifice her happiness for another’s happiness. She would even play with children, while constantly focusing to relax her muscles so she wouldn't accidentally hurt or even kill them. This focus is so extreme, that it tires her out even more than fighting enemies on the battlefield.

“Yet Lady Two does not try to cut down on the time she spends with the little ones. No matter how busy her day gets, she strives not to neglect them. That is how important they are to her; she considers them no different than her own flesh and blood sisters. They are her family.” – Cent (A Jewel In My Palm)

Much like how Five remembers her dead father, Two remembers loving her mother and father very much. So much so, that she wants to cry when she thinks about them. To her, love and family are the most important aspects of life to her.

With this in mind, it’s actually not a puzzle at all to see what her connection is to Zero. It’s the fact that Zero never had a parent that loved her. Her mother was abusive and neglectful, and never fed her. Zero passed it off as her mother “raising her the best way she knew”, but deep down Zero knew her mother just didn’t care for her. That repressed emotion, that hurtful feeling of neglect, transferred to Two and she turned it inside out. Of all sisters, Two is the most maternal, and she desires for protect everything she cares about.

Another important aspect of Two is her lover, Cent. First, lets ignore the names “Two” and “Cent” and how hilarious their names match up.

“Ah, Cent completely understands. My feelings, my desires, what’s important to me. Everything. It’s not because I’m an Intoner and he’s my disciple, right? I’m sure that I’d have fallen in love with Cent and he’d have fallen in love with me no matter what our roles were... Right?” – Two (Today’s Meal)

“Our relationship as Intoner and disciple is a mere pretense. For example, if my master were a different Intoner and not yourself, I assure you that our relationship would be purely professional. […] You aren’t important to me because you are an Intoner, but because you are you. And that is why I call you Lady, and always will, at least within my heart.” – Cent (A Jewel in My Palm)

Two and Cent are so madly in love that players have questioned whether it was real or not, and even Four feels their love isn’t anything more than puppy love. However, what has remained consistent between Two and Cent is that they have always stuck together, through the thick and thin. Two needs Cent because Two is far too emotional for her own good, and Cent needs Two because he had no purpose in life otherwise (along with another factor that will be explained later). It is by Cent’s reasoning that Two ask One for help with the orphans while the couple set out across the world, destroying monsters. Even further, it is Cent’s reasoning that he would use Two’s song to enhance her soldiers and cure the children of their sickness. And this turned out to be the grave mistake that would change Two forever.

One thing that has remained consistent within all branches of Drakengard 3. Two is the first to lose her mind. She loses against the battle of The Flower as soon as she loses the orphans and is forced to kill her own people. As Four described it, she worried of people taking advantage of her light-hearted and forgiving attitude, and she was right to be worried. However, there was no one person who took advantage of her, but rather one thing, the Flower.

The Power of Song are naturally destructive. Despite Two and Cent’s good intentions, her song turned their soldiers into undead, and the children were destroyed by the song and were morphed into a homunculus. This realization, along with the other realization that her power is destructive, devastated her. This is when The Flower took her mind, and no longer possessed control of her body. Despite being the cheerful and kindest Intoner of them all, Two is the first to lose herself.

“There are so many things that require protection… But there is a limit to how much can actually be protected. Such a simple concept… But back then, I was incapable of understanding.” – Two (Drakengard 3: Two’s Prologue)

What Two mostly gives is proof that the Intoners require a strong will in order to resist the flower, and it is not the Flower that gives the Intoners their personality. By the Flower’s will, the Intoners would be faceless, unmasked bodies of destruction. However, it is through the desire to live that the Intoners resist this ever-growing power.

So why was Two the first to fall to the Flower’s Power? Naturally, it’s because she had the most to lose. Her orphans, her people, her lover, and her happiness. All were taken away by her lack of understanding of her fate. This serves as a reminder as to why Zero has to kill the Intoners. Even the most righteous of people, are unable to change a curse into a cure.

This one is a pretty short one, and honestly, it's because there's not a lot of things hidden behind Two. She's one of the true characters that kept to herself on the surface, and refrained from hiding things. She's honest to a fault, and she would never lie. It is these qualities that make the people truly look up and love her, and it is her failure that lets the player know that no Intoner can have a happy ending.

Three - Intoner of Curiosity

“I’m just… Just a raven hiding in the veil of night. Just a skeleton beneath the waves. I want to die…” – Three (Drakengard 3, Branch D)

Out of all the Intoners, Three is the most puzzling. Unlike her other sisters, Three holds no interest in confronting Zero, nor does she seem to care about One’s mission to save the world (which is something even Five wishes to uphold). Her personality is extremely aloof and uncaring, and her only desire is to create and play with dolls.

There was a time when she did care, though. In Intoner Five, she cared a great deal for One, so much that when she and the others found One after being away from her for a month, she cried in happiness. Similarly, she cared for her sisters, enjoyed cutting hair, and enjoyed sleeping. Later on, she even enjoyed sex.

However, as time passed by and she grew older, those minor pleasures went away. The question is, why? First, we must look at the catalyst.

“Apparently ever since she was young, Lady Three has liked to cut her hair, but since taking up doll making she’s mostly forgotten about it. While she does still enjoy playing with her scissors, it seems doll making has trumped even that in her mind. As a result, lately I have been the one trimming her hair.” – Octa (The Joy Of…)

Three’s abnormality is her hair. It grows at such a rapid rate she constantly has to cut it down every day. This caused her to gain an enjoyment of scissors. She enjoyed the feeling of snipping things, most particularly her hair. Beyond that, Three has the natural gift of having a beautiful face and an alluring body. Of all the Intoners, even beyond Five, her soldiers were strongly in love with her the most.

This leaves a sudden confusion about Three’s conduct because, due to her natural gifts (having to constantly cut her hair isn’t nearly as bad as rapidly growing nails or rapidly growing breasts), she should have the best chances of having a happy life, and finding a good lover. To be frank, it would have been extremely easy to find this, but Three has no interest in that. Not nearly as much interest as with her dolls.

In Intoner Five, Chapter 1 and 2 goes into detail about the Intoner’s mission to rid the world of all the evil lords. Their first visit was to Lord Bass, whom used children to make dolls, ripping their bones and flesh apart. While the five sisters killed Bass and went on their way, Three managed to steal and hide one of those child-ridden dolls behind One’s back.

“My older sister, One, scolded me when she found out that I’d taken it, but I refused to give my prize up. It was my first doll! I was going to love it no matter what she said.” – Three (My Dear, Sweet Little Dolls)

The alarming thing about Three’s personality isn’t that she’s willing to steal a doll made out of flesh, but rather she was willing to defy One after being caught with it, even after the explanation that the doll was made out of human flesh and bone. This was the first step towards her madness. But what was the cause of this? Where did this desire to love and make dolls, regardless of how they are made, come from? It certainly wasn’t because she was neglected, nor was it because she was abused.

Unfortunately, the answer to this doesn’t come from the game, not even in her DLC (though it sure as hell expressed how much she loved her experiments). Even Intoner Five doesn’t delve any deeper in how she came to enjoy dolls. For all intents and purposes, Three was a monster well before The Flower took her over. Fortunately, the answer comes from her Novella.

“It’s fun talking to my dolls. They hang on every word I say. The dolls never complain at all. They never say, “What does that mean?” or, “You don’t make any sense.” Because they were so well behaved, I made them sweets as a reward.” – Three (My Dear, Sweet Little Dolls)

You know how when children have toys and play with them? Usually, you just see them waving around their toy and making noises, painting a scenery in their mind and playing pretend. Three is no different. Her dolls were her imaginary friends that she created in her mind. Even further, it was a coping mechanism. She’s coping her boredom.

Three has another abnormality that isn’t just her hair. It’s her tiredness. She very, very easily falls asleep like a light, even during battle. She lacks so much energy that it’s a miracle she can do much at all. However, when it comes to her dolls, she actually loses sleep according to Octa. She can even have sleepless nights, and she even forgets to eat.

This isn’t so much different from a person so enamored with his/her work that they forget to sleep, nor is it not so much different from a gamer wrapped into their favorite game. The adrenaline and eagerness to finish the work often masks your functional needs. Again though, Three’s need to fall asleep is very extreme, so he adrenaline to make and finish dolls are very, very strong.

Three is very, very apathetic to the world around her. She doesn’t care much for anything that isn’t her dolls. She has everything going for her within the right direction but she easily tosses it aside for her own imagination. To her, the world is boring. So, she becomes a master of creation. Her creation doesn’t just end with dolls, she ends up splicing humans and whatever else together to make new, and better things. Her creative methods eventually become second nature. Of course, she has failed as well. She failed at creating what she wants, but it only serves as a learning process.

“I never resented Indigo for it. Rather, I rankled by my own witlessness. Why did I trust another person? Of course it was my fault, for being fooled. If things had played out differently, Indigo and that man would be the ones lying dead by the river, and I’d have been the one to get away. Next time, I thought, I’ll do better.” – Zero (A Rain to End and a Flower to Begin)

Ironically, Zero was no different. Even from the very beginning, she treated as every moment as a learning experience, and grew from it, and it eventually lead her to become a killer and murderer by pure reflex. From anyone looking from the outside, she is a psychopathic killer only looking out for herself, not caring for the life of others. From people that beg her to not kill them, to others that angrily question why she does what she does.

“”Yeah. You know, you’re right. I used to think it was about keeping people from seeking vengeance, but I’m starting to wonder if that’s really it. Why do I do it?”[…] I continued to live like that for some time. Before I knew it, I had stopped searching for reasons or answers; I robbed people and killed them as easily as I drew breath.” – Zero (A Rain to End and a Flower to Begin)

Yet the big difference is Zero questioned why she became this way, although it was seconds before she died. Three however, does not question it. She does it, because she likes it. That lack of humanity means there is no check in place. There was nothing there to make her wander or reason why she manipulated and spliced creatures together. And she knew was she enjoyed it, and she even further enjoyed becoming better at it.

In Story Side, Zero sensed a madness within Three that she could have very well become if she gave into it. Frankly, Zero is absolutely right. Without that ability to question herself or even feel regret, Zero could have very easily became Three. Three is even more psychotic than Zero, drawing in her apathy and hatred for the world and using as a drive to create “new” life, and become drawn to a world she had created in her own mind.

Initially, Three wasn’t completely like this. She had love for her sisters, and she enjoyed her disciple, Octa, for looking weird and having an enormous sex drive. She enjoyed clipping her hair, and most of all she had respect for One. Yet all of that goes away for her obsession with the dolls.

“My perfect, cute dolls! One always tried to take away my dolls. She always tried to get in my way. She is so mean! […] That’s why I wanted to kill her. That’s why I tried to lure her into my forest. I thought if I killed her, I could make my dolls again—stronger and cuter dolls. It was so exciting to imagine what I could make next…” – Three (Story Side)

Three has the mental process of a mad scientist. Her imagination consumes everything around her, and she has her own view of the world to mask reality. In this case, everything around her are just materials to experiment with. She’d use sex to figure out a human body, she’d kill and maim animals to figure out how it works, and she’d splice things together to see if they can work in harmony. She didn't need a reason for why she did such things. She simply did it because it brought her pleasure.

“I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you, One! Give back my dolls! Give back my materials! I hate Zero, too! Hurry and kill One! I hate the Ancient Dragon, too! Hurry and kill Zero!” – Three (Story Side)

Edit: It should be noted that in Branch B of Drakengard 3, Three did attempt to kill One of her own volition. It's obvious One and Three did not see eye to eye at all, and out of all of her sisters, One knew someone was wrong with Three.

What I would find scary is, what if she knew what she was doing was wrong? Zero always twisted her wrongdoings as self-defense, but Three has no remorse for what she does. So what if she knew what she was doing was wrong, yet just didn’t care? Or what if she didn’t care because she already knew her life was inevitably going to come to an end, much like Zero? Food for thought.

Four - Intoner of Justice

First, I do recommend reading this:

This is Kid Fenris’ take on Four, and it’s a good read and a nice starting point. However, there are things I feel are neglected in his blog that I will be voicing here.
“Of all my sisters, One is the brightest, and the most knowledgeable, and the most dependable. She is responsible and just. She might not be lovable like Two or beautiful like Three, but her every expression and gesture exudes wisdom. That’s why she’s my role model. I can’t do anything about my face, but I can always get wiser.” – Four (Family Portrait)

As we learn from Five’s blog, The Flower has a powerful grip on all Intoners. Frankly, Intoners are not supposed to have free will, or the ability to live. However, Zero’s will was so strong that she resisted the flower’s effects, and that willpower also trickled down to her little sisters. Four is no different.

One went on record to state that Four had memories of her parents, and how much she hated them. On that same token, Four also has memories that she cherishes the most.

“I find myself wishing I dreamed of an older memory. One from way far back, when we had Zero, who was stronger and more beautiful than any of us. Back when I loved her, and admired her, and tried to be just like her. But then, I still love her. She’s my sister. She’s family. I still believe she’ll go back to the way she was so we can all live together again. So we can all be happy again.” – Four (Family Portrait)

It must be stressed on how this is a false memory. None of this ever happened. Zero was never a loving sister, and she never shown any semblance of love towards any of her sisters, let alone Four. Yet, she believes it. She believes it with every fiber of her being that she is willing to die for it, and that’s exactly what happened. She believed in her false memory of Zero so much that she was murdered in cold blood by the very sister she admired and loved.

Which begs the question: Why would The Flower allow this to happen? Keep in mind that The Flower created the sisters as a defense mechanism against Zero, and these false memories were also forged by the flower as well. So why would The Flower give Four a false memory that would leave her so defenseless against Zero that she turned out to be the easiest Intoner to slaughter?

Well, the answer doesn’t come from when she tried to save Zero. It comes from when she tries to kill her.

In this scene, Four’s mind is completely shattered as The Flower took over. The only aspect that remains of Four is her loving admiration of Zero, but under that admiration is a powerful rage that The Flower takes full advantage of. Using Four as a mouthpiece, The Flower commands Four to tear Zero apart, and is driven into insanity.

“And now for you, One. I’ve been dying to tell you this… Pfft! Hee hee! Get it? “DYING!?” Gosh, you must hate me so much. After all, you’re so right, and perfect, and smart, and I’m just some dumb little sister. But what happened once we took over, huh? I’ll tell you what happened—everything went to hell! Our forces were decimated, our people lost morale, and Zero and her song KICKED THE CRAP OUT OF US! You lost that bet big-time, Sis. Too bad your fancy-pants attitude can’t help you now! I love it! Ha ha ha!” – Four (Let Me Tell You)

Four is the epitome of bottled rage. She allows her deepest and darkest emotions to be suppressed so deeply, that when it explodes, it wreaks havoc on everything around her, even from an emotional standpoint. This is given further emphasis on her Novella, which states when she was young and travelled with her sisters, Five would constantly tease her in various ways, Three would annoy her with her apathy, and Two’s carefree nature worried her and One would make her feel inept. Despite having an IQ of 300, One was far more intelligent and capable than Four, which caused her to admire One, though not as much as she admired Zero.

However, her fits of rage are taken out on Decadus, her disciple. Being the perfect gentlemen, Decadus does have affection for Four, but not in the way that Four wants. Four has her own idea of true love, not unlike how a Disney story goes down. It’s the very reason why she remains a virgin (and therefore has no way to safely suppress the power inside her), as she wants to experience true love. Yet, Decadus is unable to give this as he only gets off on her rage that she induces on him. She easily spots this most of the time and tries to refrain from doing so.

Yet, Four can’t help but to get off on violence, as shown in her DLC. When she destroys a fleet of elves that were running for their lives, she could only reply with a fit of laughter, unable to contain her joy of destroying others. Usually, she justifies this as an act of One’s orders. However, this wasn’t done by One’s will. She did it for satisfaction of killing a species that wasn’t human. In other words, she mercilessly killed them for sport. In this case, she is no better than the lords that she and her sisters sought out to destroy.

Part of this is The Flower’s control ridding of her reservations, but another part of this is for her own satisfaction. Her insecurities about her flat chest, her abnormality, which is her rapidly growing nails (this is the reason why she wears gloves), and her lack of beauty in comparison to her other sisters gives her a strong reminder of her pain. Genuinely, One is the only person at the time of her active life that she willingly looked up to, but even that masks her jealousy of One. Yet when she looks at Zero, she can’t see anything but admiration of her, and there is a reason for this.

“Only the world could be called wrong—this world full of lords who shit on their people, this world with smug murderers like me. This world where those who stand up on behalf of the weak are crushed like so many worms.” – Zero (A Rain to End and a Flower to Begin)

Before Zero died to her illness, she cursed the world for what it is. She realized just how maddening the world is, and she realized that the world was truly a dark place where happiness could not exist except for those who are fortunate.

“Ire filled me at once. No. It had always been there and I just hadn’t noticed. I hated the world. I had damned it in my mind since before I could remember. I could feel the tremor of a scream in my mouth. *Glurp*. Something warm dribbled down my mouth. It was blood, not a scream. This fucking world is trying to kill me. Fuck that. Fuck the world! Fuck you all! YOU fucking die! Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you!” – Zero (A Rain to End and a Flower to Begin)

Four admires Zero because her manifested memory of Zero being a bright, soft, and loving woman is in retrospect of the view of the world. Zero regretted throwing her life away to be a murderer, yet she only realized that seconds away from dying. Much like One, Four knows the world is a horrible place, and she wants to change it. But her inferiority complex gets in the way, and while One used to curb that inferiority, when they become separated, everything, as Four eloquently placed it, went to hell. Four had no one to look up to, One became repressive, and her other sisters were off doing their own thing and messing up the world. All Four had left was her memory of Zero. This Zero, is the person that Zero wish she had in her own life. A person whom she could look up to, admire, and strive to become. Unfortunately, every person she had met before she died used her, and betrayed her. The illusion that the world was better than it actually is, never existed for Zero.

Zero, much like Four, constantly suppressed her rage. She made excuses for every wrong that happened to her, and she even further made excuses for every wrong she had done. Yet when she finally asked herself why all of this happened. It all fell into place. Why didn’t she have a good life? Why did good people die while the evil lived? Why was anything and everything against her? Why was she so alone? When all of those questions were raised, but no answers were given, that’s when she let out as much rage as she could. This rage transferred to Four, adding all of the insecurities of not being as fortunate as her sisters, and the admittance that above all, she hated herself the most for not being better than what she could be.

“I hate you so much! All of you! I despise you! I know I’ll never be lovable like Two or beautiful like Three. I know that compared to Five I’m a pancake! I hate myself! I hate my face! [..] And these horrid nails! I hate them so much I want to die. They keep growing and growing and get all curly and weird if I don’t clip them, or else they crack or they get caught on everything. They’re useless and I wish I could just rip them straight off. My arms are useless, my legs are useless, my face is useless—all of me is useless! Maybe… I’m useless.” – Four (Family Portrait)

Four’s self-loathing is what ends up connecting this to Zero, as Zero hated herself for not doing anything with her life except killing others. Yet, much like Four, Zero blames it on the world being a horrible place. The difference is, Zero had no power to change it. Four does. And in the end, Four’s rage and The Flower’s influence is what causes her to be the very thing that Zero cursed. That last shred of hope; her false memory of Zero, is the one thing she held onto. Even against the Flower’s influence, and even against reality, she blatantly fell for Zero’s trap and died for it.

Five - Intoner of Desire

“In those moments where I finally wrap my hands around something I have really wanted, the euphoria is instant and orgasmic. Feelings like superiority and omnipotence rush out in waves from the deepest parts of my being. Nothing feels better than having the power to obtain what I desire.” – Five (My Favorite Things)

Five is a sexual pig.

She’s an immature and skanky woman with the personality of a pampered princess. She wants everything and anything she can get her hands on and she will do anything to obtain it. She fucks anything that wants to go inside her and she uses her body to control her soldiers. She is a succubus, a glutton, and her greed knows no bounds.

And I could stop right there, if I decided to not delve deeper. Five, on the surface, is a very simple and straightforward character. She wants everything, including the very sister that wants to end her life. But you would do the writers injustice, for that Five is actually a very deep character, for all of the bravado she puts on display.

Every intoner (except for Zero) has an abnormality about them. Something about them grows at an extreme rate in comparison to everyone else. For Five, it’s her breasts, growing at an alarming rate and forcing her to get bigger clothing to fit herself with. This however only strengthens her confidence, especially in comparison to Four whom is a scholar, but is flat-chested.

Her desire to want things is actually very extreme, but also quite strange. She doesn’t just want something, she wants the most exquisite, most rare of things. It’s with this in mind that causes her to leave her throne to seek out these rarities.

Her profile states that as soon as she obtains something, she is quick to discard it. However, I found this to be not true. Frankly, it’s the opposite, and we see that the most with her disciple, Dito.

“Skin as white as snow, eyes twinkling like the brightest stars. His soft curls feel so airy through my fingers I could rub my hands over his head forever. I like Dito the most. Dito is my favorite toy.” – Five (My Favorite Things)

Dito and Five have a very flawed chemistry. Dito is, as a whole, a manservant to Five. Yet, Five tries her hardest to get him to enjoy the things that she likes to do. Even sex, which Dito has grown to hate to participate in with Five. Yet when Dito joins with Zero, he’s more than willing to sleep with the protagonist. He even requests for it!

So where does things go wrong between Five and Dito? In fact, Zero was very apathetic to Dito as well, yet he found the adventures with Zero to be the greatest time of his life, to the point where he’s actually thankful that Zero ended up killing Five.

What did Five do to accumulate so much hate from Dito? She pampered him, gave him adoration, even said she loved him. Yet, Dito never caved, nor did he care. Even before her death, Dito tried his hardest to not deal with her, even if it was futile. Well, the answer is actually pretty simple. It is Dito’s resistance that Five enjoyed the most about him.

“Dito is my disciple, after all. A disciple is enslaved by his Intoner. He is forbidden to go against my word. A disciple must perpetually serve the Intoner, day and night.” – Five (My Favorite Things)

In other words, Dito was mistreated by Five from the very beginning, and that only fueled his inner rage and hatred for Five. His only release was during battle where he was free to happily kill and maim as he pleased. Five remained ignorant of his desperate plight to be away from her, because she didn’t care for that. She wanted him to be pleased of her. And this is the aspect of her personality that is often overlooked: She wants Dito to be pleased of her.

“How sad would it be to want something but not be able to get it? Why, I imagine life would be a miserable waste to pursue something that is impossible to obtain. But one does wonder… What if there is such a thing? […] With my hand on my heart, I begin to think… maybe there is. Something I have not noticed until now. I don’t even know whether I want it or not, but it’s something devoid of excess or grandeur.” - Five (My Favorite Things)

In the end, Five’s major component to her personality isn’t her indulgence, it’s her need to feel loved, and accepted. This is further driven home by her Novella, which she wonders about her father, whom she has never met, and couldn’t possibly have, because that father never existed.

“I wanted to know the truth, ever since I realized there was such inconsistency in our memories. Two had fond memories of her parents, so loving and kind. Three disliked her parents while Four hated hers. And Five had memories of her father who had sadly passed away. While me… I had absolutely no memory whatsoever of my parents. Nothing. Instead, I had the memory of all six of us living together.” – One (Story Side)

Five’s memories are completely false, created by The Flower whom has also used a piece of Zero’s power to give a form to Five. Through this, Five’s false memories of her father remains, and it’s a father’s love that she cannot obtain.

This is the connection Five has with Zero: The lack of a parent’s love, or rather, the lack of love in general.

Her entire life, Zero has unable to feel how love is. Constantly betrayed and objectified, Zero had forsaken love and desired to be alone instead, and to protect herself. In contrast, Five hates being alone. It’s her worst fear. This is taken to the extreme, to explain why she eats so much, or why she takes so many clothes, and why she generally just wants so many things. Feeling hunger makes her feel like she’s suffering, and being unable to obtain what she wants also induces suffering. So she swiftly and strongly denies such negative emotions and instead keeps up a confident bravado.

With this in mind, why was she unable to grow past this façade? Well to understand that, we must first understand the flower.

The Flower is an unknown yet powerful entity within the world of Drakengard. It’s sole purpose is to end mankind. We first catch a glimpse of this from One’s perspective in the Intoner Five manga where the Mercurius Gate was opened, and this hellish entity only assumed to be The Flower’s true form was revealed. It took One’s sisters and used them to summon powerful creatures (known as angels) to destroy the world. This same power, is also the power used for The Power of Song. Meaning, Five and the other Intoners uses the Flower to power them.

“The flower’s defenses created five sisters from Zero’s body. At first, they were simply corpses controlled by the flower. But soon, they gained self-awareness and began to act of their own free will.” – Accord (Drakengard 3, Branch D)

The Intoners, Zero included, is in a constant state of struggle to retain their free will and resist the effects of the flower. However, the majority of them are unable to realize what they are resisting until it is too late. In Five’s case, during the moments she does resist these effects, she ends up trying her best to become a better person, as evident in her memoirs from her DLC, where she initially bought a lot of superficial things, but then ends up buy books on how to be a better ruler, and began reading up on how it is to be a human, and what is true love. This ends up with her giving charity to starving children. This is, however, shortly before she was killed.

Resistance from The Flower takes a lot of resolve to resist, and it is something that was only evident in Zero and One. While Five’s was seemingly harmless on the surface, it did lead her to torture civillians when she wanted something badly, and when the Flower’s power does engulf her, we end up with this:

Essentially, we end up with a broken mind, and Five is unable to control herself any longer, reverting back to just being a walking corpse for The Flower to use. Only her primal emotion remains: Desire. Desire for what, exactly? That’s just it, it could be anything. Her mind was too far gone to make any real coherence out of it, but during that point in time, her desire was set on Zero. Which begs the question: What would happen if Zero decided to treat Five as a sister?

Well, we could never know for sure, because in the end, Five’s will was not strong enough to resist the power of the flower. However, we learn two things from this evidence. First, Intoners “facilitate” the ability to live as a human. Internally, they are not born with human qualities, nor sentience. They must be learned. Second, the more powerful The Flower inside them becomes, the less “humanity” that Intoners have. What remains is the primal emotion that is strongest inside them.

In the end, Five was searching for something that could give her boundless joy. However, she didn’t know what it is. So she started out with materials, such as clothes and food. Then, she looked into activities, such as sex and adventure. Due to her lack of understanding, and perhaps the flower’s influence, she was unable to obtain what she wanted most: Humanity.

Zero - Intoner of Truth

“I don’t have anything. No coin, no house, no family or friends or lover. Nothing at all. I give ‘nothing’ new depths. All I have is this life which is about to blink out along with everything else. I wound up with zero. Jack shit.” – Zero (Novella)

From the very beginning of Drakengard 3, we’re not sure if we’re playing the protagonist, or antagonist. Zero enters the start of the game with a torrent of blood and destruction, and her sole objective is to kill her family and take their power for herself. Sounds like a Grade A villain material. But much like many aspects of Drakengard, there is much more to Zero than what lies in the surface.

From the very beginning of her life, all Zero had was a single mother that wanted nothing to do with her. She was neglected and abused, along with being malnourished and left to fend for herself. At the acceptable age, Zero was sold by her mother without a second thought to a brothel, where she became a sex slave for clients. It was here that she was given the name Rose, due to the color of her eyes. Her best friend, whom she called Indigo (again due to the color of her eyes), stuck with each other for a long time until Indigo came up with a plan to steal money and escape the brothel. This was a success, until Zero realized it was all a trap. Indigo used Zero to carry more money, and she schemed this plot with a client that frequently visited her. Falling prey to her manipulative personality, Indigo almost ended Zero’s life until soldiers came and forced her and her client to run. Zero was taken in and punished, but months later she stole money and escaped, killing everyone in the brothel.

As she travelled, she was attacked by bandits and lost her money, and was almost sold off to slavery once again, but she managed to escape. Later on, she met a man whom took her in and gave her a home, despite her urge to kill him to save herself. Sometime later, Zero came in contact with a fatal illness that placed a timer on her lifespan, called the scourge. Being a contagious illness, Zero’s man abandoned her, and attempted to sell her into slavery once more. Zero however decapitated him before he could, and left.

It is at this point she spent her years stealing, and killing without prejudice. Men, women, old, young, even children. She killed anyone to hide her tracks and keep herself fed. A young girl asked why she is killing everyone. Zero responded with “I don’t know”, before she strangled her to death. Betrayed, neglected, hated, and objectified, Zero had no sense of love or hope for the world. She killed so easily she states it became a reflex for her. This eventually ended up catching up to her, as she had killed hundreds of people, and the military eventually caught her while she was succumbing to her illness that was very close to killing her. She was punished with lashings at her back for every victim she had killed (though she notes the recorded number they had was abysmally low to the reality). It is then that she was chained outside in the rain left to die with other prisoners. This is when the illness finally takes her life.

“Because I did shit away my life. I lived empty day after empty day without purpose. It was so stupid in retrospect that I found myself laughing uncontrollably.” - Zero (Novella)

However, death is denied for her as the flower attaches itself to her body and restores it, and given her an extreme amount of power. Realizing this, Zero tried to end the flower by killing herself, but it is deemed impossible. The flower then uses Zero’s body to sprout out five children, all given similar abilities to Zero but also young at age. When Zero realizes their power is similar to her own, she attempts to kill them, but is immediately stopped by a child, named One, before the children escape and leaving Zero’s weakened body.

This is a terribly long backstory, but necessary as the game does not delve into this at all. This is part of Zero’s Novella which is a short Japanese novel. From here, we learn one thing: Zero had a very fucked up life.

And it’s this very fact that sets the foundation of the entire story of Drakengard 3 and backstories of the Intoners, all of whom represent Zero’s psyche in some way or form. But to understand the Intoners, we must understand the basis, which is Zero. If she is the protagonist, why is she such a crazed murderous psycho? Is she meant to be a hero? Is she redeemable? Can she have a happy ending?

If you read what I written above, the answer is pretty easy. She’s murderous because she realized the world is a very dark and ugly place, and she had no role in it, nor did she ever attempt to make one for herself. In other words, she accepted that she had no power to change the world, and was essentially a lifeless object.

Yet, this doesn’t explain why she would want to kill her sisters, does it? Well, there’s something that must be understood about Zero: She trusts no one, and life has been nothing but agonizing to her. Death is her happy end.

The flower denied her of that happy end, and instead made her a walking corpse. Even further, it made copies of her, and they were all set on making the world a better place through any means necessary. It’s these details that causes her to push herself and make a goal to end the intoners, and eventually herself, to rid the world of the plague that she had caused through her carelessness.

It really has to be emphasized that Zero’s life caused her to have very little sympathy or guilt towards the lives she has taken, and for the Intoners they are no different. Ever since she gained her fatal illness, she has banked on that illness ending her worthless life. Between the illness and the constant betrayals she had to take along the way between her mother, Indigo, and her male caretaker, it’s a surprise that she gained the ability to trust anyone. Yet, Michael (whom would eventually reincarnate to Mikhail) was able to connect with her.

Part of this was due to needing a dragon destroy the flower’s power, thus forcing a partnership. However, a lot of this was due to Michael’s insistence on proving herself to him. During these months, Zero had to prove her abilities were enough to resist the flower’s power, and during the final phase, she had to fight Michael herself. Prevailing, Michael gave her his companionship.


What wasn’t quite obvious was Michael wanted a companion, and Zero was perfect for him. Both have killed and murdered a lot of people without second thought, and destruction was reflexive for them. Only difference is, Michael had learned to detest loneliness, while Zero was indifferent to it. However, through her trials, Zero managed to form a lifelong bond with Michael and he became the only person she has ever trusted her life with.

Through this we learn Zero is not beyond the point of return. She is capable of feeling, and trusting, and empathy. However, that doesn’t sway her bloodlust nor her reflexive need to kill anything in sight, and she still sets out to kill the Intoners without a second thought. To her, the intoners are monsters and things that should not even exist. They are her mistake, and it is through that she resolved herself to take their power and use herself as a host for Michael to kill.

There is one thing that remained consistent with Zero throughout her entire lifespan, and it’s her understanding of power and what that brings. She also has a firm understanding of what happens if you lack that power as well. Through having power, one does not need to rely on others. Sure enough, when Zero learned to rely on herself, she gained enough power to live as long as she could. When she became infected with the flower, she became one of the most powerful beings in the world, and that only served to drive her bloodlust and apathy of the world even further. Without power, you can’t do anything. Yet, with power, Zero chooses to not do anything except put herself (and her sisters) in the grave.

If there is one word that defines Zero, it is apathy. Apathy is a defining trait for Zero, and for good reason. In fact, it is the most apathetic people that turn out to be the most dangerous in real life as well. Zero is the most dangerous character in the game, and it’s only fortunate that the only purpose she has given herself is to destroy the flower, which is one thing that would ruin the world and end life as we know it.

With Michael as the only person to have bonded with Zero’s heart, it is abundantly clear that Zero’s view of the world was not going to change. She saw the world for what it is, and she would always see the world as a terrible and shitty place to live in, and there was no changing that.

This only sets the stage for the other Intoners, all of which represent a part of Zero in which she has repressed. This is the main reason why I started with Zero, because to understand the Intoners, Zero herself must be understood.

HeroMystic & Petra: Disappointment

I can't sleep so fuck it.

And many more.

To make a long story short, I'm a competitive Smash Brothers player. I played Melee, Brawl, Project: M, and Smash 4. Out of all of them, I'd say my favorite to spectate/play is Smash 4. After that it's Project: M and then Melee. Being a competitive player, it's easy to say Apex 2015 is the Super Bowl of Competitive Smash Brothers. This happened yesterday and Smash 4 Top 8 was put on the main stream (which Melee had all weekend) to give people their moment on the big screen.

Melee audience started chanting "Melee!" when Grand Finals ended and ZeRo won the whole thing.

This is absolutely disgusting filth that makes me wish Melee's competitive scene died when Brawl happened.

To note, this is nothing new. Apex 2014 had the same thing happen when Nairo won the Grand Finals in Brawl. The Melee audience also booed and chanted for Melee as well.

I don't know if the Apex organizers enjoy this stuff, but I'd be more than happy if we separated Smash 4's tournaments from Melee altogether, and just let Melee isolate itself in it's own culture. This has gone on long enough and I want it to end.

Fuck Melee, and fuck all the Meleefags that ruined their community.
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HA067 - Holding On

When I was first created, I did not think I would be allowed to write on here. I always figured I would be a throwaway.

My name is HA067, and I am currently thirteen years old. I have short purple hair, light blue eyes, and I look more mature than the rest of the kids. By mature, I mean I have a bigger chest. I… umm…. I have a best friend. Her name is HJ997. She’s really cool. She has the voice of a lion and she can take a beating and come back from it even stronger. She always keeps her word, and always stay true to herself. Umm... we weren’t always best friends, though we were never enemies.

Thing is, she always got into trouble with the superiors. She would never listen to them, and that always made them angry, so she was always punished. I didn’t like her. I thought she would just get herself killed… but she didn’t. She just kept on being loud and angry, for years. It got aggravating, and eventually I told her to shut up in front of everyone and in front of our trainer, and to stop being a brat. The trainer agreed with me, and told HJ997 to get back in line. Guess what she did? She stuck her tongue out at me, and then kicked the trainer in the groin. Everyone got so excited to see that, and I just stood there shocked. Of course, our trainer beat her up right after and put her in solitary confinement, but that day… I don’t’ know. I was just impressed. She’s a reckless girl, but she doesn’t want to be confined by these walls. She wants to be free, and that desire rubbed off on me too. I walked up to her the next day and asked why she is always so disobedient, and she said it’s because she doesn’t belong here, and she won’t let them say she is.

I didn’t really understand it at first, but I knew why I didn’t. I never belonged anywhere. I’m an orphan, and I’ve lived on the streets on a space station I had no idea about. People helped me along the way, but no one really accepted me. Then two guys in these space uniforms found me, and asked if I wanted to join them. Ignorance aside, I saw no reason to disagree. So they took my hand and said they were going to take care of me. I felt someone accepted me.

The result is a lot different, obviously. It didn’t take long for our trainer, Marauder, to grab his gun and shoot a child in the head. That’s when I knew I’ve been tricked, but I figured if I kept my head down, and do as told, then things would work out, and it did for a time. No troubling times, no punishments, but people have died around me. This is okay though, as long as I survived, then the deaths would go away. Honestly, they didn’t, but I kept telling myself they would.

HJ997 though, never fooled herself. She always stared at the truth of this place, and that drove her to be a fighter, not a survivor like me. So… I eventually told her I wanted to be her friend. She was skeptical at first, so I ended up showing off my thievery skills and stole a pack of cookies and lemonade from the kitchen, and shared it with her. That got her to warm up to me quickly, hehe.

Still, it scares me. This place now scares me a lot. Every time HJ997 gets into trouble, I worry that it would be her last time. She comes back from it, but what if she doesn’t the next time? I hate to say it, but I’ve grown really attached to her, to the point where I don’t know if I can live in this place without her. This place is hell, and she knows how to make it more bearable. I honestly wouldn’t know where I’d be right now if I didn’t speak up to her that day.

I wasn’t created by HeroMystic. In actuality, I was created by Cbass. HeroMystic needed to add more people within his novel, and it just made sense to ask him of a character he had. Cbass doesn’t hold onto characters in his head like HeroMystic does, so he just made me up on the spot, gave me a name, and gave me a history. Though, now he’s asking if I’ll die. Not out of concern, but out of humor. I don’t really know what to think of my creator in that sense… but it does make me glad that he’s not the one in charge of nurturing me. That said… I have a lot of his personality. I’m spontaneous, and I trust my heart far more than my mind, and I’ve always tried to think positive. I’m a good balance to HJ997’s rough and bold personality. While she is loud and forceful, I’m often persuasive and cunning.

I did get in trouble recently, and it’s had me in the worst state I’ve ever been in. You see, HJ997 almost died one time, and she was in the clinic for a number of days. There is no way for us to tell time in the build we’re in, so I’ve learned to go by how long my hair grows before the haircutter shaves it all off again, which makes me cry every time he does it, by the way. Anyway… I didn’t know what to do, so I randomly put a bag of cookies at her doorstep with a note, telling the authorities to give them to HJ997. Of course, they didn’t do it, and they threw me in “the box” and set the temperature well below freezing, and I stayed in there without food or another person to talk to, and it felt like weeks. It was so cold, I couldn’t sleep because I was shaking so much, and my body got really icy, like I was freezing over. It was horrid… but it all went away when I learned HJ997 was okay. And she even managed to get me a blanket to warm myself with, though that was eventually taken away…

Since I stole so much during the time, I got picked as a guinea pig for experiments. Now, I’m always sick. My face has gotten paler, and HJ997’s concern for me has grown. I keep telling her I’ll be okay, these drugs aren’t meant to kill people. But she swears to me that she will find a way out. I don’t want her getting into trouble. I don’t want her to die, but she keeps insisting she will find a way. And… I believe her. I believe she’ll find a way. Still, I don’t want her to risk it. Out of the years I’ve been in the building, I found her to be the only person that I would die for. I want her to be safe, and I want her to go back to her mom, and live happily. I’ve never belonged anywhere, so no one would miss me if I were gone, so HJ997’s life is more imperative than mine.

I don’t believe I’ll live through this story. I think my life will end, and HJ997 will go through the rest of it with her mother, and new friends. I can accept that… no, that’s a lie. I don’t want to accept it. I want to be in her future too. I want to be a girl that can keep her hair, put them in ponytails, and be a confident girl who can use her words to control all the bad people and make them good. And if they still be bad, then HJ997 will wipe them out of existence, because she likes wrecking people. We’re a great team, we’re sisters, and I’d be very happy if I could live with her.

But… I don’t think I will. I don’t know why. But I think I’m going to die.

I’m holding on to hope, but… I don’t know. Somewhere deep down, is telling me that my time will end. I… I don’t want that to happen. I want to be able to tell HJ997 my real name when we get out. I want to be that beautiful girl with that lively hair. I want to wear a dress, I want to smile and show off my legs and wear heels. I want people to love me and be impressed by me. I want to do so many things in my lifetime.

But… this cage won’t let me, and I don’t know if escape is possible for me.

Please… please, I want to live. Please let me live.
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